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Emmen 2009. Prijsvraag Europan 10
A. Egido

Two new building blocks consisting of quasi “stacked” housing elements with individual access at a ground level will be added to the area. The specifically chosen form, being a U form and a L form, creates two new enclosed public green spaces (hofje = urban courtyard) in the area. On the outside the new housing blocks, because of their design, form and material, further strengthen the identity of the area and provide the needed clear structural definition. While at the same time the inside of the structure offers an attractive new green space, accessible for residents, visitors and passersby alike. As such, in a natural way, this new space combines public green space with the private gardens of the already existing detached housing and by doing so adds visual, physical and social quality to the area. Furthermore the possible negative external effects (noise) for the residents caused by the nearby access roads, industry and railroad are cancelled out by the new structures, that function as a protection barrier. The U/L structures contain several large openings that physically and visually link the outside with the inside.